Premises Liability

Orlando Premises Liability Attorneys

Premises liability includes two types of situations. First, there are dangerous physical conditions which cause accidents. This includes spills on floors, improperly designed stairs or ramps that may cause trip and falls or slip and falls.

Second, there are the negligent security situations. This is where the owner of the shopping center, supermarket, or other business knew or should have known of security problems and risks in the area or on the property and the company does not take the necessary steps to make the property safe and secure.

The rules of safety for when accidents occur are simple. First, a shopping center or a grocery store should actively look for spills. Second, when a spill occurs, they should guard the area immediately. Someone or something should be there at the immediate area of the spill and warn people walking through the area. Third, they need to clean it up immediately. If the area remains wet, the area should be blocked off by chairs, ribbons, rope or other means. Cones should be put up in the area warning the area is wet. If the area is slippery when wet, it should be dried or if the area has thick traffic where people would not see the cones because they are coming around a corner to enter the area, the area should be blocked off. These rules are recognized by the National Safety Council and the American Association of Safety Councils.

Many times, businesses will ignore these rules and people are injured as a result.

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